Full Care Boarding

Pudding River Stables offers fully customizable full care boarding packages to serve the easy keeper horse as well as the more specialized care horse to the senior horse.

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Our facility takes on a select few training clients a year.  We specialize in ground work and first days under saddle as well as horses with behavioral issues.

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Pasture Care Board

Our dedicated pasture area is for the easy keeper horse, retired horse, or one that doesn't need all the bells and whistles of full care board.

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What's different here?

The biggest complaint I hear about from potential boarders is "Im tired of the drama!" and "My barn is just too big".  We built small for a reason.  Im the owner, the manager, and I live onsite.  There ins't anybody here that wants to avoid drama and problems as much as me!  I homeschool my children and they are very involved with my business.  We are at the barn a lot and I want to enjoy my work.  We keep things neat and tidy and diffuse any drama and issues immediately.  My barn and all who abide under it's roof need to have a safe and peaceful place to enjoy their personal journey with their furry friend and partner!  I strive to provide that for all of us!

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What do you think so far?

If you like what you see and think this might be a good fit for boarding or training, get in touch!